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'Owner' refers to Cameron Mills, the founder, lead programmer and operator of CryptoCloud.
'This Service' refers to CryptoCloud.
'Server Operators' refers to those who build, program and maintain the servers that CryptoCloud owns. The only Server Operator currently Cameron Mills
'User Data' refers to data on our hard drives that was transferred onto there by the Users
'User/s' refers to a subscriber/a group of/all subscribers of This Service.

1. Children and Data Collection

This Service does not knowingly collect the information of, nor target, children under the age of 13, nor does This Service collect any information outside of what Users store on Our Servers. The information put on Our Servers remains encrypted with keys written by the Users and untouched by Server Operators with the only exceptions being outlined in Section 2.

2. Disclosure of User Information

The only time User Data is ever disclosed is to law enforcement agencies, and to the Owner, when deemed necessary by the Owner. At no other time is User Data ever disclosed. And it shall never be disclosed to the public.

3. OECD and EU Directive Compliance

Any modification to User Data is ever made without informing, and getting consent from, the User in question. And the only modifications to ever be made shall be the moving of data from one partition to another. At no time, unless requirements in Section 2 are met, shall the User Data ever be decrypted when being transferred. Users are always permitted access to their data, unless the machine/drive storing it has been shut down for maintenance. If any user data is lost from the carelessness of any Server Operator/s, then the Server Operators responsible shall be reprimanded and the User compensated of two month's payments.

4. All Data Collected

The only User Data collected pertains to payment, contact and the User Data the User decides to store on This Service's servers. No other data is collected. No data is disclosed, exceptions being outlined in Section 2. There is no external financial influence on the collection of User Data, and no User Data is being used for any financial or personal gain by Server Operators or the Owner. The encryption keys that our users create are only ever stored by them, we never store our users' keys.

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